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Best Quality Best Price Best Service it is a V.F.Korea

“We are V.F.Korea,
a leading company that gives faith to the custumers.”

Our company, “VF Korea Corp.” manufactures vacuum forming, air pressure forming, medium forming, cutting press-die machines, and all other related equipment. Since its establishment on September 15, 1995 to 2011, the company has exported to over 30 different countries and is supplying over 50 machines within Korea. It is not a coincidence nor mere fortune that we were able to grow quickly in a short period of time. We have always put ourselves in the position of RHROR to develop products as conveniently as possible. We believe that our continuous efforts to resolve the inconvenience of our customers have led us to grow. We would like to inform you that our workmanship that has practiced over a long period of time, the development that meets the customers’ needs, quick process, and complete After Service were able to satisfy our customers. Further we are ready to meet your needs at any given time.

Please contact us now! VF Korea is always by your side.

History ▼
October Attended K-2010 Dusseldorf in Germany

June Selected as a clean workplace
December Awarded the Grand Prize for Gimpo Small and Medium Business Award
November Awarded the Export Tower - the 45th Export Day
October Relocation to Walgot, Gimpo for expansion
July Selected as a venture company
August Acquired Innobiz
August Acquired Innobiz
April Developed vacuum press molding press Export to Bolivia
January Development/export of server vacuum molding press
October Attended K-2004 Dusseldorf in Germany
April Developed Large vacuum pressure molding press, exhibited in Mexican exhibition
November Attended K-2004 Dusseldorf in Germany
September Attended IPF exhibition in Japan (machine exhibition)
October Acquired SO 9001: 2000
June Selected as an Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise by Small and Medium Business Administrations
October Attended K-2001 in Germany
October Topped $3 million in export
January Relocated to Jangi-dong, Gimpo for expansion

March Launched Large vacuum molding press
November Million Dollar Export Tower Award - the 31st Export Day
July Transition to corporate business
September Established VF Korea in Seo-gu, Seo-gu