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Specifications of the equipment may be changed upon previous agreements. The price may be adjusted accordingly.

Forming Area

Width 800 mm x Length 600 mm Maximum
Width 500 mm x Length 500 mm Minimum

Forming Method
Cutting Method

Upper and Lower mold server motor, ball screw drive, vacuum forming method
Inline hydraulic cutting method after forming

Product Depth

Maximum 120㎜

Materials for Forming

Foam roll material types such as PS, PP, PE, ABS, PET and Foam Roll Material

Forming Ability

Maximum 900 cycle/hr

Material Specification
Material Width
Minimum 500 mm, Maximum 800 mm
Material Thickness
Ratio foam 0.2 mm ~ 1.5 mm

AC 220/380 V, 3 Phase, 60 HZ (102.75 KVA)

Equipment specifications
Forming device
1. Digital type, For each Upper and Lower, table server motor, Ø 50 x 10 PT ball screw and Ø100 auxiliary pneumatic cylinder drive, table positioning confirmations through touch screen
Heating of the material
Uses Upper and Lower ceramic heater. 60 zone setting for Upper and Lower, SSR (Solid State Relay) and touch screen's digital thermostat controls the temperature. Saves 40 temperature settings.
Material Transfer
AC server motor and decelerator, specialized chain feed system with RS 50 spike pin attached, automatic distance adjustment by integrated digital counter.
Material width adjustment
Simultaneous or separate adjustment for front/back using an electric motor.
Vacuum pump
4000 Liter/minute VANE Type, 400 Liter auxiliary tank.
Electrical control
PLC automatic continuation program control system and touch monitor control. Touch monitor has manual and automatic switch, heater temperature control, material feeding distance adjuster, and timer for each operation unit.

Power consumption
Description of part Maker Capacity Remark
Heater HANATECH(Korea) 56.0 ㎾ Upper 28.0 ㎾ x Lower 28.0 ㎾
Forming table drive motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 7.0 ㎾ Upper 3.5 ㎾ x Lower 3.5 ㎾
Material convey motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 3.5 ㎾
Material width adjustment NARA SAMYANG(Korea) 0.8 ㎾ Front 0.4 ㎾ x Rear 0.4 ㎾
Material spread motor NARA SAMYANG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾
Front/rear heater motor NARA SAMYANG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾
Hydraulic cutter drive motor 7.5 ㎾
vacuum pump Rietschle(Germany) 5.5 ㎾ 50㎐ 4.0㎾, 60㎐ 5.5㎾
Total 81.1 ㎾ 220/380
Volts, 3Phase, 50/60㎐

(separate purchases)
Description of part Capacity Remark
Air compressor 11.2 ㎾ 15 HP
Coolant chiller 10.0 ㎾ 10 RT (Cooling tower 30RT)
Total 21.2 ㎾ 220/380 Volts, 3 Phase, 50/60 ㎐

Hydraulic cutter
  • A cutting device that cuts the molded product using Thompson Blade plate.
  • Driven by hydraulic cylinder with maximum cutting pressure up to 20 Tons.
  • Cutting length adjustment device driven by an electric motor and forming machine’s touch screen for.
  • fine adjustment with feeder digital counter.

Machine Size
  • Width 1,700 mm x Length 5,950 mm x Height 2,300 mm

Machine Weight
  • Approximately 7.0 ton

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