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Specifications of the equipment may be changed upon previous agreements. The price may be adjusted accordingly.

Cutting area

Width 1,100㎜ × Length 300㎜

Cutting method

1) Cutting table method using revolution of inverter motor and cam link
2) Table balance pneumatic vertical cylinder 2 sets
3) power transmission unit through crank shaft, crank arm and connecting rod
4) Precision worm gear decelerator and power transmission crank gears
5) Crank Shaft Bushing, abrasion prevention forced lubrication method
6) Connecting Rod Shaft abrasion prevention forced lubrication method
7) Table stroke: 180㎜

Cutting speed

100 revolutions per minute (Maximum)


1) Double roller, driven by AC servomotor and material clip
2) Feed length control by digital numerical input
3) Precision worm gear decelerator

Cutting pressure

Approximately 5.0 ton

Automatic continuation drive

Detects forming machine's 1cycle’s signal to synchronization of interlock drive and automatic counting device.

Control Panel
  • PLC automatic continuation program control system
  • Touch screen operation and data storage function (up to 40)

Knock-out device
  • Operated by Pneumatic cylinder and parameter setter's timing

Product Sorting Shooter
  • Stainless Steel cubicle and work table 1 set

Scrap winder
  • Driven by decelerator and pneumatic air motor
  • Control by pneumatic limit switch

Power consumption
(Automatic Cutting machine)
Description of part Maker Capacity Remark
Cutting table drive motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 11.0 ㎾ 15 HP
Material feed motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 1.0 ㎾
Mold height adjustment motor SPG(Korea) 0.75 ㎾
automatic stacking motor (conveyor) MITSUBISHI(Japan) 1.0 ㎾ (Optional equipment)
Total 13.8 ㎾ 220/380Volts, 3Phase, 50/60㎐

Machine dimensions
  • (L) 1,800 mm x (W) 2,300 mm x (H) 2,700 mm

Machine Weight
  • Approximately 8.0 ton

Automatic loader
(Optional equipment)
  • Quantity counting function by digital counter on AC server motor and touch screen
  • Stacking plate activation by server motor and ball screw
  • Product output system driven by pneumatic cylinder and automatic conveyor belt
  • Hygienic Stainless Steel Working Tables

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