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Specifications of the equipment may be changed upon previous agreements. The price may be adjusted accordingly.

Forming Area

Width 550~1,100㎜ × Length 700~1,200㎜

Forming Method

1) Toggle links of upper and lower forming table are operated by a servomotor.
2) Four types of Forming Method :
A - Upper Vacuum
B - Lower Vacuum
C - Upper Vacuum + Lower Air Pressure Forming
D - Lower Vacuum + Upper Air Pressure Forming

Product Depth

Maximum 140㎜

Used Material Types
Thermoplastic resin material in rolls such as PS, PP, PVC, HIPS, ABS, and etc.
Thickness 0.2~1.5㎜, Material Width 640~1,140㎜
Forming Ability

1,200 shot/hour, 3.0 sec/cycle Max.
(general products, HIPS 0.4 mm)

Material Transfer
Timing belt and chain mechanism, lower noise level compared to conventional models. The servomotor operation allows precise transferred distance and speed settings for materials.
The material distance and speed by using a touch monitor.
Material width adjustment

Simultaneous or separate adjustment for front/back using an electric motor.

Heating type
“Double-sided heating method", composed of upper and lower heater box, able to move forward and backward in the direction of material length for heater box in the event of mold changes.
(External emit when machine stop or an emergency)
Heater specification
Infrared ceramic heater (electric power 400W, size 122mm x 122mm)
Heater Box
Width 1,215mm x Length 2,700 (for both Upper and Lower)
Temperature control
SSR (Solid state relay) using P.I.D. automatic temperature compensation and “ON, OFF” temperature control method on touch monitor Can save temperature data for each forming product.
Control point
Upper heater 77 point, Lower heater 49 point (Upper and Lower Total : 126 points)

Control panel
AC servo controller, a PLC automatic continuation program control system Control for “switch, timer, speed, and etc” using touch monitor and storage function of setting profiles (up to 120 profiles).
Automatic operation mode
Controls the timer of each operation unit
Switch mode
“Manual switch", Automatic switch”
speed setting mode
Material feed distance and speed, table speed, plug assist speed and working distance setting
Heater temperature
control screen
Automatic temperature adjustment screen
Control point
Displays each operation unit’s error messages in the event of a malfunction

Table operation system
The servomotor operates only when the forming table is in action; this allows reduction of electricity by 40% and considerable amount of noise.
Upper and Lower forming table are each made of two sets of toggle links, driven by a servomotor and cam link
Upper and Lower forming table are each supported by Ø140 x 2EA auxiliary pneumatic cylinders
Upper and Lower table mold height adjustment screws are driven by a motor to change the table position when changing with other molds
Table position and speed touch monitor control adjustment type

Mold Specification
Upper Mold
Width 550~1,100㎜ × Length 700~1,200㎜ × height 200~250㎜
Lower mold
Width 550~1,100㎜ × Length 700~1,200㎜ × height 200~250㎜

Vacuum system
Vacuum pump
Oil circulation vane type (60㎐ : 7.5㎾ 6,000Liter/min, 50㎐ : 5.5㎾ 5,000Liter/min)
Vacuum tank
540 Liter vacuum tank

Air Pressure (Pneumatic) System
Pressure setting
Easy adjustment of forming air pressure up to 0~ 5kg/㎠ with remote regulator
Pressurized Air Tank
A pressurized air tank that holds 540 liters of pressurized air for forming.
Pressurized Air
Compressor 30HP, working pressure 5~7kg/㎠, Dry pressurized air (Compressor and dryer system available separately)

Material spread
Material loading by pneumatic cylinder
Material size
Maximum Width 1,150mm x Maximum radius 1,000mm
Material weight
Up to 600 kg

Lubrication supplier
  • 1) Automatic lubrication function through touch monitor control for area of needs, such as guide shaft and toggle link joints
  • 2) Automatic lubrication function through touch monitor control for material convey chain

Cooled parts
Mold, material transfer chain, rear shutter
Cooling specifications
Clear water under 30°C, requires 10RT frozen chiller (available separately)

Power consumption
(Forming machine)
Description of part Maker Capacity Remark
Heater HANATECH(Korea) 144.4 ㎾ Upper 72.0 ㎾ x Lower 72.0 ㎾
Forming table drive motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 14.0 ㎾ Upper 7.0 ㎾ x Lower 7.0 ㎾
Material convey motor MITSUBISHI(Japan) 7.0 ㎾
Mold height adjustment motor SPG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾ Upper 0.2 ㎾ x Lower 0.2 ㎾
Material width adjustment motor SUMITOMO(Japan) 0.8 ㎾ Front 0.4 ㎾ x Rear 0.4 ㎾
Material spread motor SPG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾
Cooling fan HYESUNG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾ 0.2 ㎾ x 2 ea
heater front and rear adjustment motor NARA SAMYANG(Korea) 0.4 ㎾
vacuum pump Rietschle(Germany) 7.5 ㎾ 50㎐ 5.5㎾, 60㎐ 7.5㎾
Total 175.3㎾ 220/380Volts, 3Phase, 50/60㎐

(separate purchases)
Description of part Capacity Remark
Air compressor 22.5 ㎾ 30 HP
Coolant chiller 10.0 ㎾ 10 RT (Cooling tower)
Total 32.5 ㎾ 220/380 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 ㎐

Machine Size
  • Width 2,050㎜ × Length 6,800㎜(8,780mm including material spreader) × height 2,520㎜

Machine Weight
  • Approximately 15.0 ton

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